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    We offer fast, professional, nationwide transcription services and more.

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Nationwide Transcription Services

TScribe offers fast, professional, nationwide transcription services and more.


Our professional transcribers will transcribe your audios files into a transcript / a written document.

Live Captioning

Our trained Live Captioners will take spoken word and display them as text on the screen at the time of broadcast.

Audio Sync

Our XML transcribers will sync your audio with text in a easy-to-use xml file

Fast, Accurate, Affordable Transcription

About TScribe

The professionals at TScribe transcribe quarterly earnings conference calls, focus groups, distance learning materials, webinars, speeches, seminars, research projects, and a variety of other events. We work with physical media such as VHS tapes and DVDs and a variety of digital file formats, including MP3, WAV, WMA, QuickTime, and DSS.

TScribe’s dramatic growth since 1996 has been driven by our focus on providing timely and accurate transcription services at a fair price. Rather than compromise quality by outsourcing your transcription project to an offshore location, all work is completed in North America by TScribe’s skilled and experienced staff. Whether you need your transcripts today, tomorrow, or next month, TScribe tailors its services to your needs.


Our Clients

TScribe’s roster of satisfied clients includes Fortune 500 companies, non-profits, government agencies, as well as providers of audio and webcasting services. Some of these customers include:


Andy B

Operations Manager / Financial Data Company

Beginning in 2003, TScribe has been a consistent and reliable provider of high-quality transcripts for us. Their staff has demonstrated an impressive flexibility and willingness to go the extra mile to provide the services we need, when we need them, and to meet the challenges of a deadline-driven, highly cyclical business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Have My Event Transcribed
During conference calls or webinars, participants often spend too much time taking notes and not enough time paying attention. A transcript of the event documents the entire event – be it an investor relations earnings call, a speech by your CEO, or a focus group. Having a transcript removes the distraction of note taking and allows everyone to focus on content. Then, in 24 to 48 hours, all participants will receive a complete, professionally prepared transcript that allows them to review and reference the information discussed during the event. In addition, a transcript is a great way to get information to anyone who wasn’t able to attend. And, transcripts can be read easily and quickly. In fact, some experts say a transcript can be read in as little as one third of the time required to listen to an audio recording of the same event.

Why is TScribe A Wise Investment For Me
If your event is worth having, it’s worth documenting. The real cost of gathering people for an event is the time spent on the event, which consumes time that would otherwise be spent making sales calls or working on revenue-generating activities. To get the most from your meeting, invest in a professionally produced documentation of the proceedings, which will deliver value to you long after the last agenda item. Too often, a moderator of a conference call is charged with taking notes, too. This slows the meeting down, distracts both the moderator and her audience, and leads to a less efficient call.

How Do I Get This Transcription Service Set Up
Any conferencing service should allow you to record your event at little cost. Most will allow you to access the recording as an MP3 file or WAV file, free of charge. The transcription service will use this MP3 or WAV file to create your document. If the conferencing service does not provide a digital file, they will provide a telephone number and access code to listen to the replay. Simply offer the appropriate numbers to your transcription provider and they will record the conference and use that to create your transcript.

What Does It Cost
Depending on the length of your event and how quickly you need your transcript, your costs can be less than $100. Using a transcription service directly, rather than ordering it through a conferencing provider, further reduces your costs. The true savings comes from having a more productive, efficient meeting and having a written record of the event for all to share. The cost of your transcription depends mainly on two things – the length of your event being transcribed, and how fast you want your project completed.

What Is The Turnaround Time
Turnaround times vary according to price – ASAP/Same-Day Delivery is available through TScribe. Less expensive options include 24-hour and 72-hour turnaround.

What Kind of Media Formats Can Be Transcribed
Any audio or video recording can be transcribed. The simplest media formats to work with include MP3, WAV, and WMA. These require little or no handling to be transcribed. Physical media such as VHS tapes, DVDs, CDs, or audio cassettes usually require conversion to a digital format. Other formats, such as AVI and QuickTime, can be transcribed, too, but require a conversion to MP3, WMA, or WAV.

How Do Your Prices Compare to Other Services
Our approach has always been to price our services so that our clients receive both value and quality. We believe that bargain-basement prices usually result in bargain-basement quality – a sub-standard transcript that a client may have to revise or redo themselves. We do not believe this is a sustainable or desirable model. However, TScribe strives to offer a more affordable option than many of our competitors, whose high rates are unattainable for many of our clients.

What Is Your Benchmark for Quality
Our goal is for transcripts to be 99.5% accurate. If a transcript falls below a standard of 99.5% of audible material, the client will receive, at no extra charge, any editing necessary to reach that mark, within 24 hours of notifying us of a problem.