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Confidentiality & Privacy

THE IMPORTANCE OF CONFIDENTIALITY IN TRANSCRIPTIONSConfidentiality of our customers’ materials is a top priority. We employ safeguards to ensure the best security of customer files.

Below are some of confidentiality safeguards and practices we employ:

  • Storing files on dedicated servers, and using end-to-end encryption when delivering transcripts.
  • Monitoring transcriptionists to ensure best practices are employed during the processing of materials, including use of non-disclosure agreements where applicable.
  • Routine deletion of completed materials, according to our automated retention policy and in accordance with client requirements.

Our Non-Disclosure Agreement

As we value confidentiality very much, the transcribers at GoTranscript must sign a non-disclosure agreement so that our clients could be sure of the safety of their documents. Additionally, if there is a need, the transcriptionists sign additional NDAs when working with specific documents or content if this is required by the customers.

If you need an additional NDA, simply contact us and let us know. We will be happy to help you with the confidentiality of your transcriptions.

TScribe Has More Than 10 Years of Confidential Transcriptions

The many years of experience shows that we are highly competent of handling files of increased confidentiality. Our professional transcribers have worked with legal material, especially with criminal cases that were still ongoing at the time. Also, we have handled medical records of high sensitivity. You can truly trust us with your confidential transcriptions because, as you can see, the safety of your information is our priority.